Ben Merrell Arriving in Perth 26th November 2016

Ben is a professional Hydro-Flight athlete from Destin, Florida and he will be teaming up with JET X-TREME in Perth for a combination of PR work for an event to be held in Mandurah next year, a High Performance Jetblade Clinic which is open to the public and a spectacular LED Jetblade Show at the “Launch of Summer” event being held at the Hillkarys boat harbour on the night of November 26th 2016.

Ben’s signature trick, is probably his HUGE 30+ backward dolphin dives, however his repertoire of tricks and his willingness to continue to push the boundaries of the sport are without doubt elite, check this new trick out

Ben’s need and want to continue pushing the boundaries of the sport lead to embarking on a partnership with Stratospheric Industries, AKA to fly a new product by called the Jetblade. This board has independent feet and it was Ben’s official Jetblade videos that introduced the world to some of the unique spins that can be achieved on a split board.

Come and check out Ben’s amazing moves at the Hillary’s “Launch of Summer” event on the 26th November or if you are keen to improve your flying or want to get into the sport BOOK a spot at our High Performance Clinic 1800JETXTREME.

Ben Merrell Arriving in Perth 26th November 2016

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