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Recently a reader on a social media forum, who is considering purchasing a Jetboard and Jetpack, asked for opinions on which brand to buy; X-Jets or Zapata. Obviously fans of each brand stepped up and said buy mine, but only several posted factual reasons why he should consider one over the other. This made us realize that there is a need to provide factual information that a prospective Hydroflight buyer can use when making a purchasing decision, hence the purpose of this article.

As active members of the Hydroflight community, operators of a fixed base Flight Center, Distributors and a Pro Athlete Training Facility, we have a vested interest in seeing the sport grow in more ways than one and there are many key components that must be in place for that to happen. So when considering which product to purchase, scratch below the surface and focus on the things that matter the most to you, not just price or what someone may suggest. Things like ease of use, product safety, warranty, quality of construction and the people who stand behind the product are all important components that will make your Hydroflight experience the best it can be.

Safety – First and foremost, safety should be at the top of the list when considering which Jetboard or Jetpack is right for you. Beginning with the Jetboard, the X-Jets Jetblade has a unique single-pull quick release speed clamp system that gives the Rider the ability to completely release themselves from the hose in the event of an in-water emergency. This one single feature is unmatched by anything Zapata offers on any of their Flyboard models. The Jetblade features fully independent footplates that articulate freely giving the Rider a more natural feel while the Flyboard uses an adjustable spring-loaded snap system that must be forcefully engaged in order to ‘break’ the flat-board ride. This forced action is not a natural motion and does not lend itself to a smooth ride. Additionally, firsthand experience shows us that this spring and pin-lock system from Zapata can actually lock the Flyboard Pro Series up in a fixed spin position causing the Rider to spin out of control and come crashing down.

Moving on to the Jetpack, the X-Jets Jetpack NX uses a harness system with front floatation which floats the Rider in a face-up position while the Jetpack from Zapata floats the Rider in a face-down position. Although we will cover quality of construction in a separate section, it is important to note that the arm controls on the X-Jets unit are thick tubular, powder-coated marine grade construction with 316 marine grade stainless steel hardware while the Zapata Jetpack uses a thin, painted tubular control arm attached to the plastic support arm with 2 kitchen grade stainless steel screws and nuts that are pre-sunk into a plastic seat that will strip when tightening. We have actually seen the arm control come completely out of its support point during use.

When you are flying 15+ feet above the surface of the water, it is important to know that the product you are riding is durable, properly engineered and built using the best materials available. When it comes to safety, Zapata doesn’t even come close.

Quality Construction – Nothing beats computer designed, durable marine construction and that’s just what you’ll find with X-Jets. Serious metal. From the true 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to the powder coated marine grade aluminum alloy, X-Jets products are built to endure the biggest tricks the Pro Riders can throw at them. The Zapata products feature a one of a kind polycarbonate build, clear plastic nozzles and a plastic Y pipe. Not one single piece of marine grade stainless steel to be found anywhere on the ZR products. Only 304 kitchen grade stainless steel fasteners and hardware.

X-Jets is built right from the start, no need for aftermarket fixes to correct deficiencies or to make the product suitable for advanced (above 2 meters) riders. X builds for the Pro Rider, the beginner and everyone in between because we recognize that all riders are not created equally.

While ZR is busy looking for new ways to cut costs, maximize profits and promote their owner, X is actively looking for new and innovative ways to improve manufacturing processes, build better products, improve performance and advance the sport.

X-Jets products are extremely easy to ride making them one of the best for beginners to learn on, yet durable enough to handle anything the most advanced Professional Rider can throw at it.

The Warranty – Often times, all you need to do is read a manufacturer’s warranty to determine the quality of the construction. When a manufacturer won’t stand behind their product with a real warranty, there’s usually a reason. X-Jets features an exclusive X+ Lifetime Warranty on Y Tubes and Nozzles, two of the key structural elements of both the Jetblade and Jetpack, with no limits on use. Zapata offers up to a one year limited warranty on their products as long as you do not exceed 2 meters high or attempt a backflip (either of which will void the warranty). Even though the Flyboard is called a Pro Series, if used professionally, there is no warranty and ZR says it’s Flyboard is only intended for leisure use, it is not intended for competition which in our mind questions its basic integrity.

The People – X-Jets and the Team at X Rebel Faction are a group of true industry leaders who are intent on pushing the sport forward without imposing brand specific boundaries. The Team Riders use X-Jets equipment because they want to ride the best the industry has to offer. It’s no wonder that 4 of the top 5 Pro Riders insist on X-Jets.

X believes that competition will build better products and better Athletes, which is why they are supportive of open board competitions. While ZR is content holding a single brand championship, X is busy pressing forward unafraid of losing out to a competing product.

X Listens – When building the best products, it is vital to listen to input from others who offer suggestions for improvement. While the folks at ZR are busy dictating what and how they propose to do things, X is listening, learning, improving and implementing techniques, systems and products to better their products and the sport. Listening, it’s the reason we have two ears but only one mouth.

Availability – X-Jets employs a Distribution and marketing network comprised of the industry’s top professionals. Products are readily available for immediate delivery and new products are thoroughly tested before they are ever put on the market for sale.

X is greater than Z. Trust the gear that the manufacturer actually stands behind, not one that makes excuses for the shortcomings, forces the user to concoct ‘fixes’ and modifications to make their product useable or blames the user when the product fails. X works right the first time, right out of the box and without modification. It stands ready to handle anything the user is capable of trying.


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