Hydroflight Athlete ALEKS SKAR – AUSTRALIA

Hydroflight Competition Results

  • Louisiana Hydroflight Invitational – Champion
  • (Jetboard) – 6th Place

‘Baby Fly’ as Aleks Skar is called by his fellow Team Canfly brothers is the perfect storm of athleticism, size and fearlessness for Hydroflight. From his first run at Hydro Fest we knew he would ascend quickly to the top of the freestyle Jetboard world. Days after we completed this interview Aleks went out and won the Louisiana Hydroflight Invitational. The field included the top H2RO World Ranked Jetboard athletes Hunter Verlander, Ben Merrell, Jake Orel and many more.


H2RO Interview with Aleks Skar

H2RO) Aleks please tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and what is your athletic background?

My name is Aleks Skar and I was born in Norway, raised on the Gold Coast, Australia. I was a gymnast since the age of 8 until 15 (Competed nationals trampoline, competed nationals tower diving in Australia) The past 11 years I’ve been on and off Kiteboarding which I have competed in small comps around Australia when I was younger. Also did tournaments for tennis in my teens. At 15 I started getting into movie stunt work, became fully qualified at the age of 18 and have been a part of movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Bang Bang (Flyboard sequence with Peter Hendra).

H2RO) How did you get introduced to Hydroflight and what was your first experience like?

FBX/Flyboard X (Peter Hendra and Dale Jeffery) came to my gymnastics facility when I was coaching adult gymnastics. We got talking and he gave me a lesson on the weekend. First time was absolutely amazing, I wanted to impress them so bad so that he would take me on board their Flyboard journey, and they did. They called me up a few days later offering me a job in Thailand to do a movie, with a Flyboard action scene. After, they presented a six month contract in China where I ended up flying every day and signed on another three contracts and that’s where I met the Canadian boys.

H2RO) What is it about Hydroflight that has you so stoked and what are some of your goals as an athlete?

I love that the jet skis are getting bigger because my biggest adrenaline rush is getting higher and higher. First time I saw it on Youtube, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve never been super competitive but I love going to these events and making new friends and relationships, which leads me to another opportunity to travel the world while doing what I love.

Hydroflight Athlete ALEKS SKAR – AUSTRALIA

H2RO) Talk to us about your training coming into Hydro Fest and how do you go about working on developing new tricks?

The China crew was huge for my training. Flying with boys such as Ashton Beukers, Geoff Hulet, Peter Hendra, Sam Cowley and Rush Betwin who get so fired up when we throw new stuff. The last three or so months I’ve teamed up with Ashton and we fly in shows together four to five times a week. We always chirp each other and really push each other’s boundaries and that’s really escalated my skill level lately.

H2RO) Hydro Fest emphatically put you on the map and I’m curious what that experience was like for you and what you’ve learned from your first competition?
It was a great feeling, I wanted to come in and leave an impression so I was super happy with turning some people’s heads. I’ve learned that the community is so much more relaxed and enjoy the social side of it much more than my previous gymnastics and other competitions, this is why I know I’m going to love competing in this sport a lot.

HH2RO) You’ve been flying here in Canada out of Muskoka talk to us about your team, the experience and why people should come fly with you guys?

Moving to Canada has been one of the best decisions for my Flyboard career. Not only have I been reunited with great mates to train with but Muskoka Flyboard/SWS has provided me a place to live, work and train over the Summer. We have five fully ready to go Flyboard set ups (three of which are tournament/show ready) We also have four pro riders who put on a great show every Sunday through Thursday nights. Geoff Hulet is practically a father to me but now also one of my closest mates, he never fails to fire me up or keep my head in the game like he did for me in Vegas when I was very nervous. Andy Huckle’s one of the most awesome laid back guys I’ve ever met, always hanging around after every set and just yelling “that was clean mate!” (in his impressively good impersonation of an Australian) Like I said, Ashton and myself have teamed up and always had a great friendly rivalry. Ever since China we’ve pushed each other to do the first backflip in the night show, then the first double, then the first triple and now we’re neck and neck to see who lands the first quad!

HH2RO) Immediately when we saw you fly at Hydro Fest we knew you had the build and athleticism to really Aleks Skar Flyboard Hydro Festexcel in our sport. Talk us through what a 2017 Aleks Skar competitive Hydroflight run is going to look like.

I’ve really exceeded the last few months training with a great team who really push me and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Big tricks are always fun, but it’s the small different variations of tricks that I love playing around with. Hoping that I can bring some new and unique things to the table!

HH2RO) Besides your close teammates who are some of the people you look to for inspiration inside and outside the sport?

When I see new tricks on social media I always love thinking how I can add my own little twist or variation. No matter who or how big or small the trick is, when I see something that catches my eye, I like trying it and seeing how I can play around with it.

HH2RO) We’ve seen you on the Flyboard, are there any other products you enjoy flying or have on your wish list?

I’ve never tried another jet board device but I have tried the ZR Hoveboard a few times. I’m happy Flyboarding but, I’m sure like everybody else would agree, trying the Flyboard Air would be an unreal experience!

HH2RO) You recently flew at the Niagara Fly In event. What was that experience like?

Niagara was amazing, I got to Flyboard all day with a bunch of other beauties who love the sport just as much as I do. When we sent up all the devices at the same time, it was unlike anything I’ve been a part of. Also got to see Ben Merell’s new light suit which was awesome!

HH2RO) Finally, we always ask athletes to hook our readers up with a flying tip. What is the most important thing a person that is trying to move up from recreational level flying to possibly show or competition level maneuvers do?

I feel like keeping a positive attitude is key, you never know who you’re going to meet along the journey. Hopefully it leads to joining a team and other opportunities that allow you to fly every day. I never focused or wanted to be the best in this sport, I just do it because I love it. So far it’s led me this far and I definitely can’t complain!

H2RO is stoked to see athletes like Aleks Skar transitioning into our sport and with his amazing competitive sports resume we have no doubt he will be an innovative force making an immediate impact.

Thanks for your time Aleks and all the best at the 2016 Flyboard World Cup!

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